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Roasted Brown is a Single Origin coffee roaster focusing on sourcing the finest green coffee we can find each season. Consistency is of absolute importance when it comes to supplying your cafe or even your home or office and this is the reason we choose to roast only seasonal single origin coffee. This way you don’t have to worry about different beans falling through your grinder from cup to cup and giving you a different cup of coffee every time.

There are heaps of links in the coffee chain and each one is essential to flavour. The coffee bean starts as a seed in a cherry on a farm and we work with some great growers and importers to bring the coffee we enjoy to our roastery.

Our roasting process is a delicate combination of science and senses. We are continually gettng more and more involved in each process from Farm to roastery so we can produce the flavours we love. For us, the flavour is made especially unique with our much envied Loring 35-Kg Roaster—the only one in Ireland.

The aim is to highlight the natural and unique characteristics of each coffee that occur due to origin, varietal and processing method. We then find the best way to do this to optimise the flavour based on brew method whether for espresso or filter, independently. Check out our post on sourcing to learn more about how and why we source the coffee we do.

Roast days are currently Monday to Wednesday. Check out our latest coffees here.





With carefully roasted Single Origin coffee you get taken on a journey through taste to meet the many hard working hands involved in a cup of coffee. One of the most enjoyable parts of our job is continually tasting great coffees from brilliant producers around the world on a daily basis. Every single batch roasted in Roasted Brown is tasted, noted, catalogued and tasted again to make sure we know how our coffee is behaving over time and in the roaster. We communicate the delicacies of each coffee through our coloured labels that mach taste notes on the coffee flavour wheel.





Everyone in Roasted Brown is passionate about making coffee. Having set up and worked in coffee shops over the last 9 years we’ve picked up an incredible amount of knowledge and brewing skills. Our head roaster Jonny, is a keen competitor in the Brewers Cup on an annual basis and company owner Ferg has more than served his time behind busy coffee bars as well as having roasted and coached for winning competitors in brewing and tasting competitions. All of this experience is freely shared with our customers so that our coffee is tasting great for you all the time.