Brazil - Capadocia | Filter 250g/1kg

Brazil - Capadocia | Filter 250g/1kg

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With notes of chocolate hazelnut and fleshy stone-fruit, this is the first of 3 coffees that Ferg selected alongside Nordic Approach on his trip to Brazil at the end of 2018. Ferg had the pleasure of meeting Augusto and was inspired by his passion and vision for his life as a coffee producer. At only 25 we’re sure he’ll be producing excellent coffee for years to come.

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Notes - Chocolate Hazelnut and Fleshy Stone-fruit

Producer - Augusto Borges Ferreira

Region - Sul de Minas

Varietal - Acaia

Process - Natural*

MASL - 1300**


*Natural processed coffees tend to be more funky in flavour, often giving a more well-ripened fruit, and even boozy, taste in the cup. In practice,natural process means the coffee cherries are laid out on drying patios or raised beds to allow the sun to dry the cherry off the bean. This fermentation process is what adds the more unique flavours to the cup.

**Metres Above Sea Level. Typically the higher elevation the better the coffee tastes, which is why this information is important. Coffee grown in higher elevations tends to have less caffeine and more flavour. Elevation is relative to the origin for example; Brazil coffee grown at 1300-1400 MASL would be considered high altitude whereas in mountainous Kenya and Ethiopia it would be closer to 2200 MASL. At Roasted Brown all our coffee we source is from high MASL regions resulting in excellent quality and taste!