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This year, we felt inspired to collaborate with an Irish creative, so we contacted local designer Rachel Delap with an idea about using our Tasters + Makers brand in tandem with the Coffee Flavour Wheel. So much of what we do revolves around taste and we often use colour to communicate flavour to our customers. The flavour wheel inspires us artistically and serves well as a tool for functional communication.

It was Rachel who originally coined Roasted Brown’s identity as Roasters, Tasters + Makers. We’ve worked with her on many projects, from interior design to branding. We felt confident that she would capture our flavour wheel idea and create a piece that would set us up to collaborate with other artists in the future.

Rachel's artwork sets the stage for us to communicate the larger journey of coffee and flavour, while also tying flavour colours into our coffee packaging and origin labelling. We love the piece she created and are delighted to have worked with the Dublin-based Stoney Road Press to produce a limited edition print of our new Tasters + Makers wheel. 

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