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We love to partner with our wholesalers to achieve consistently great-tasting coffee. We want to work with people who are as passionate about coffee as we are.

When you use our coffee, you become an extension of Roasted Brown. Our staff stay involved with training and quality control on an on-going basis. We’re also here to help create efficient workflow, along with choosing the right equipment for your shop.

We also supply offices with our coffee! We’re here to help you with your workplace coffee setup, including choosing the right equipment, and running coffee classes and events for your staff.

If you would like to know more about selling our coffee, get in touch by filling the form below. We’d be delighted to arrange a tasting and have a chat.



We have a variety of different wholesale options available from Exclusive Partnerships, to Guest Roaster and Flexible Feature Supply, to Corporate Coffee for your office or workplace.

We believe you can have great coffee anywhere and we work with you to make sure you have what you need to make consistently great coffee on your coffee bar, wherever it is.

For events check out Emboss by Through the Green.

  • Exclusive Partnerships

  • Guest Roaster Supply

  • Flexible term/feature

  • Corporate and Workplace

  • Collaboration Coffee

  • Own Brand/White label/ Roast Your Own


We want to work with people who are passionate about their product and environment, and bring our passion for coffee alongside yours. We work tirelessly to make sure we source the finest coffee available all year round and make sure you have the support you need to get your coffee set up just right. We’re continuously available to make sure you’re comfortable and the coffee is tasting as fantastic as possible.

  • Ethically-sourced, sustainable coffee with full traceability

  • Direct Trade farmer relationships

  • Always single origin for optimum consistency and flavour

  • Always high grade specialty seasonal coffee

  • Micro Lots and Single Estate

Training and Quality Control

When you use our coffee, you become an extension of Roasted Brown and your barista is the most valuable part in the coffee chain to showcase all the hard work and quality. We provide full training for the business owner and the head barista to ensure your coffee is tasting consistently great and your customers’ experience is the best that it can be.

We also get to know your water and run regular tests to make sure you have the right filtration for your coffee to taste just right. Our staff stay involved with training and quality control on an on-going basis and we’re always just a call away if you need our help.

  • Full in-depth Barista Training

  • Regular water testing and coffee-tasting

  • On- going courtesy calls and QC visits

  • In-house cuppings and tastings on request

  • Cupping and taste notes

  • Continuous recipe development and brew advice

Equipment and Consulting

Having owned and been involved with some of Ireland’s most popular and best known coffee shops, we have a vast knowledge and experience with equipment and workflow . We can help you access the right equipment for your budget and environment and assist in your plans for layout and workflow for optimum efficiency and increased sales.

  • We are an accredited reseller for La Marzocco, Simonelli and Slayer

  • Alternative brewing advice and set up

  • Cafe design and Workflow consulting

  • Brand, Menu and Interior Design consulting

  • Retail coffee and display advice

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