A worldwide adventure in your cup

Coffee is a story of many hands and many procedures - a story of generations and traditions, soils, climates, nations and regions, farmers, harvesters, processors, lorry drivers, exporters, importers, roasters, ending with baristas and consumers.

As roasters, it's our job to reveal that story to you, the consumer, in a way that values those in the story before us. From soil to shipping companies, farmers to flat-white-drinkers, we want to tell coffee's story to showcase each step along the way.


We've specifically roasted this coffee for use on espresso machines - whether at home in your kitchen or in a coffee shop with professional equipment. These coffees translate wonderfully as espresso and through milk to provide a beautifully sweet and balanced drink.


Filter coffees are roasted with a wide array of brewing methods in mind - pretty much anything that isn't an espresso machine. From AeroPress to French Press, batch brewer or stove top to Pour Over, these coffees reveal the truest complexities of the coffee’s characteristics and open up a beautiful coffee drinking experience.

We Roast it, You Make It

All the gear you need to make great coffee anywhere, everyday.

The Roasted Brown Story

We have such a wonderful team working in Co. Wicklow and travelling the country to make sure your coffee is the best it can be. Learn a little bit about our story and where it all began.