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Familia Garcia

The Jaguara farm planted the first coffee trees in 2001 in the Campo das Vertentes region.

The farm now belongs to Andre Luiz and Natalia Moreira Garcia, and their son Benicio Garcia. André is an agronomist, and researcher at Procafé Foundation specializing in pruning and producing coffees.

Andre and Natalia work together to develop the farm, supporting each other with their strengths in different areas of coffee production.

El Quebradon

130 small-scale coffee growers, members of Grupo Asociativo de Productores de café de
Alta Calidad del Sur, from the municipality of Palestina are focusing on producing high quality coffee under the name of Quebradón.

These growers focus on producing coffee with fewer defects by taking better care of their coffee trees, applying a more stringent approach to picking - only selecting
ripe cherries - and carrying out better beneficio techniques after the harvest.